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The Julstro Method of Osteopathic Muscular
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The Julstro Method of Osteopathic Muscular Therapy (JMOMT) system is a clinically proven system of treatments, endorsed by renowned doctors, which can Enhance Your Professional Career for a Lifetime!

NCBTMB/AMTA approved and NYS Qualified CE Provider
"After 33 years of taking training courses, this is the first time I’ve ever heard of the relationship between the rectus femoris and low back pain! What a difference it makes in the ease of releasing the low back!"
S. White, FLorida


"Since I’ve incorporated Julstro techniques into my massage practice I am now able to get to the heart of my clients issues.  They are walking away feeling better which has both improved my client retention and increased referrals.  I feel that I am really making a difference which is so satisfying."


B. Browne

Vero Beach, FL

"I am a very busy LMT in New York where many of my clients are serious athletes of all ages.  JMOMT techniques are the basis of my practice, and I get results that surpass any of the other techniques I was using. My clients get lasting results that get them back in their game quicker.  I often go to golf tournaments, soccer games and track meets where I treat athletes, on the sidelines, when they are hurt during competition. " 

A. Boyle

New York

"It takes the insight and perseverance of a pioneer to breakthrough traditional methods of standardized treatments and Julie Donnelly B.S., LMT has done just that. Even more, she has broken the ritual of having to return to the clinic again and again by providing an easy way to learn self-help maintenance treatments.

I was amazed and impressed with Julie’s Julstro Method of Muscular Therapy from the moment I was introduced to the concept. It seemed complex yet so easy to implement and I wondered, “Why didn’t they teach me this in PT school?”

S. Novak, PT

Acute Lead Physical Therapist

Fawcett Memorial Hospital

Port Charlotte, Florida

"I use Julie Donnelly’s Osteopathic Muscular Therapy techniques every day in my massage practice.  My client’s rave about them because they can go back into their physical activities where they were once hindered from due to muscle pain. The `JMOMT techniques has also increased my clientele and has allowed me to expand my client base to individuals who were once outside of my reach. These are important techniques for every massage therapist, personal trainer, exercise physiologist, and physical therapist to learn. Plus, Julie is a wonderful, patient teacher and she makes sure you know the techniques as though you have always done it.  I’m grateful that they are now a part of my standard routine."

V. Schnaitter, LMT

"Prior to meeting you, I was experiencing SI pain and lateral thigh pain for almost one year.  A longtime runner, I was sidelined from any exercise that entire time.  I had been to six doctors, three PT's, and a chiropractor (and I am a PT myself).  I'd had 3 MRI's and 2 x-rays, yet everyone was still perplexed.  I had one doctor tell me that my symptoms "didn't make sense" and another who couldn't understand why I was seeking answers if my pain did not affect my ability to work or care for my family.

I was so relieved to find you.  Your explanation of what you thought was causing my pain made so much logical sense!  After one session with you I was able to go for a run, and after a second session I was pain free and fully learned how to treat myself using your techniques.  It took some consistency in following through with the self-treatments, but I soon returned to my normal exercise routines, and continue to do so more than a year later. 

M. Urbanick, PT